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Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes is officially fucking baller. It’s one of those shows that takes the lessons from All Ages material and infuses it with a mature storytelling sensibility. For what is essentially a children’s cartoon, it seems actually quite ubpatronizing..

And seriously, it did “Secret Invasion” in a way that actually made sense! It has Surtur in it! IT HAS BETA RAY BILL!!!

Not to mention it feels so much more comfortable with the idea of the shared universe. It’s heartwarming to see the show not have to sputter and stumble over trying to explain why That Amazing Spider-Guy and The Fantastic People are always out of town when the shit goes down (or worse, having to pretend like they’re the only superhumans in the world, a la 90s X-Men cartoon). Seeing the pillars of the Marvel Universe like Fantastic Four and Spider-Man appear and rub elbows with some of the more arcane Kirby Asgardian like The Executioner and the Kree Ronan the Accuser is just great. It feels less like “we sold this particular Marvel property to Sony” and more like “Oh shit! There’s like 80 years of awesome Avengers storylines we can choose from! We can cut out the bullshit and melodrama and just have it be the hints and we could get at LEAST five great seasons out of this show! Not only that, but The Avengers aren’t like this exclusive club (JLA) or separate universe (X-Men) unto itself. Everyone has been an Avenger! Mutants, Asgardians, Aliens, Geniuses, Monsters, and a few good old fashioned Bad Ass Mother Fuckers (Hawkeye, you cocky fuck). In a way, the Avengers are the Marvel Universe! Even the guys who have their own books (Wolverine, the Thing, Spider-Man) have had stories told about them as an Avenger.

It’s a really great show you guys.