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Dude: ’90s Vertigo Comics Had The Gnarliest Ads

Selling a bunch of old Vertigo comics on eBay from 1993 (Sandman Mystery Theatre, for those nerdy and curious, a CRIMINALLY underrated series featuring Matt Wagner and Guy David absolutely slaying some sweet pulpy ‘20 noir), and the back of the issues totally have killer ads for Barq’s Root Beer (featuring RUB ON TATTOOS), Alice In Chains “hot new album ‘Dirt’ (available at Musicland, Tower Records, and Sam Goody),” and THE CROW.

Dude, Barq’s has bite? Alice in Chains? Sam Fucking Goody? TOWER RECORDS??? THE CROW!!! I think I have officially become an old man because EVERY SINGLE ONE of those things fills me with a bittersweet wistfulness that only makes the rest of my life feeling like a monochromatic pile of shit.

It even gets better. My collection picks up around 1997 and there are ads for Alice in Chain on MTV Unplugged, Sliders, and Spawn on HBO. Wow.