These are the manic ramblings that go through my head at all hours of the day or night.


Things to be thankful for:

  • The love of a good woman.
  • Adorable puppy.
  • The friends who take the time to reach out to you and touch base when you’re feeling down. It’s always a surprise who comes through for you in those moments, but it’s lovely all the same. Thank you so much.
  • Custom band matchbooks came in the mail.
  • Kiss’ “Forever.” I officially renounce my previous antipathy for this band. @smokingintheboysroom will revel in her victory.
  • Wanda Jackson’s “Hard Headed Woman.” That chick seems positively NASTY.

Forgive the positivity. It’s just been a tough few days and I’m trying to reign in anxiety by focusing on the good. I’ll soon be back to my normal, bitter self, neither too angst ridden nor bubbly.