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You don’t fight piracy with laws, but economic solutions.

— Lefsetz

If you follow the music press, you can’t have missed the brouhaha surrounding NPR intern Emily White’s recent blog post and the response from David Lowery (AKA that dude from Cracker).  Naturally, Lefsetz weighed in.

There are great points on both sides of the argument. Emily observes that she and her peers don’t and will never pay for albums, but they will pay for convenient access to music. Lowery lambastes her for robbing artists of their livelihood and calls the convenience requirement an excuse. Lefsetz, of course, blasts Lowery and tells him to stop whining and start making great music if he wants to earn money.  

I think they all make some good points, but the best is this. You can’t shame an entire market into changing behavior. You can only offer a product people will pay for. 

The infamously low payout rates from Spotify et al are a prickly problem that, I hope, will be solved as the market evolves. But the answer is not to shame people into buying from iTunes.

The full quote is “To be fighting file-sharing is akin to protesting dot matrix printers. File-trading is on its way out. Because it takes too much time to do it. And you don’t fight piracy with laws, but economic solutions. It doesn’t pay to steal if you can listen instantly on Spotify and its ilk.” 

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